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Google app painting how to turn photo into famous artworks.

Google's Art & Culture app will now let you turn any of your pictures into a masterpiece. The new feature, called "Art Transfer", takes your photo and uses artificial intelligence to give it the style of a famous artwork.

Users can choose "dozens" of well-known paintings and borrow their style for any image. The feature can be used by opening up the tool – which exists as a separate tool for iOS and Android – and then selecting the Camera menu at the bottom. On there should be the option for Art Transfer, which will open up the feature.

Users can pick one of the different masterpieces and then have it transformed into the style of any of those artworks. Google will get to doing that, and give you a "fun fact" about the piece while you wait for the feature to be applied.

The feature does not simply use an overlay or a blend tool. Instead, Google has created algorithms that will recreate the photo in the style that has been chosen, it said, using artificial intelligence tools developed by the company.

Google said it has worked with cultural institutions such as the UK's National Gallery and Japan's MOA Museum of Art to allow them to have a variety of different styles, including van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Edvard Munch or Leonardo da Vinci.